The Israel You Didn’t Know is close by the Israel you do know. It is 5 minutes from the Western Wall; it is just behind the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; it is a short turnoff from the road to Eilat.

On your first trip to Israel – or even your second – you probably didn’t see much of Israel You Didn’t Know. Not because it is any less beautiful or fascinating than other sites, but because – in a land packed with so many modern, historical and natural wonders – most guide books and brochures direct you just to the better known sites.

Here, you can take a virtual tour of some of sites of Israel You Didn’t Know; they are all over the country – in Jerusalem and the Center, in the North and in the South. Then decide which you would like to see for yourself on your next trip to Israel.

I am dedicated to showing visitors the Israel You Didn’t Know – even if it is your first trip here. Because many of the lesser known sites that I love are so close to the “must see” sites, there is no need for any compromise. I can put together a personalized itinerary which will give you the full experience of the Land of Israel.

The type of itineraries that I can arrange include:

  • Short – full or half-day – trips to single sites
  • Full multi-day itineraries – either general or “themed”

Examples of “themed” itineraries:

  • Biblical Israel, from Joshua to the destruction of the First Temple
  • Jesus in Galilee
  • Israel in the time of the Talmud
  • Battle sites of the State of Israel
  • Crusaders in the Holy Land
  • Settlement – ancient and modern – in the desert
  • The Jerusalem of Jesus
  • Modern cities – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Haifa