scan0202I am a Tour Guide licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Discovering the Israel You Didn’t Know – and showing it to other people – is my personal goal.

I have had the fortune to live with my family in four different parts of the world, allowing me to indulge my fascination with the history and archaeology of a broad range of the world’s civilizations. I have gained first-hand experience of great national and cultural diversity, and in addition to the man-made features of the countries I have lived in, I have also loved exploring their natural environments and ecosystems. It is this broad exposure that gives me a unique perspective on Israel – one that I think can enrich the way you experience this country.

•    In England where I was born and grew up, with its richly preserved historical heritage – megalithic monuments, castles and country houses – and unique island geography, I gained a fascination for the world around me, which I have never lost. From Richard the Lionheart to Ernest Bevin, English history has – for better and for worse – been inextricably entwined with that of the Land of Israel.

•    Living in Italy, I found myself at the heart of southern Europe and the Mediterranean civilization of which Israel has been a part for much of its history. As the center of the Roman empire and its successor the Catholic Church – both of which played such fateful parts in Israel’s history – and as the home of one of the earliest Diaspora communities, Italy is a crucible in which much of ancient and modern Israel’s character were forged.

•    I spent 10 years living in the United States – geographically more distant from Israel – but in every other way – politically, socially, economically, and  scientifically – more relevant. In addition to developing first-hand experience of the most significant cultural influences on modern Israel , this gave me the opportunity to explore the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas and the natural wonders of the continent – from the shores of Nova Scotia to the Galapagos Islands.

•    For the past 15 years, Israel has been my physical as well as spiritual home. I have spent much of that time travelling the Land, and deepening my knowledge of its historical, natural and man-made features. My background gives me a unique context in which to share my love and knowledge of the Land of Israel.

max blackstonIf you are planning a trip to Israel, I think you will enjoy exploring the country with me. Having spent 30 years as an international marketing professional, I have learnt that what you know is of little value unless you can share it with others in a way that is relevant and fascinating to them too.